Dome is a collection that boldly proclaims the singular appeal and beauty of concrete. The language of Dome is clear and simple, a language we might call “architectural” for how it exalts the material’s beauty through pure volumes. Dome’s origins lie in the history and culture of concrete: an ancient story intimately bound to the dawn of architecture, to the fascinating, timeless structures of vaults and domes. This cultural and artistic bond is the foundation of Dome and becomes its most treasured value. The collection is a series of stunning bathroom and bath-related furnishings, whose very presence elevates our perception of the space they inhabit.

Pre-order, shipping from june 2024

Dome Bathtub Rectangular
by Pio/Tito Toso




  • Type
  • DM.RBT
  • Finishing
  • Nero
  • Bianco
  • DOME-bathtube_rett
  • DM.RBT

    W 1970 mm
    D 880  mm
    H 550  mm