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Pulkra was born from love for concrete, is based in Italy and is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty. Informed by a futuristic and bold aesthetic, the collection is designed by talented emerging designers and artists with a subversive and revolutionary approach, building a layered universe full of references and details, blending with every architecture.
Pulkra aims to develop a complete experience, linking objects and sensations, materials and feelings. Pulkra products are timeless and conscious, limited in a precise number of editions. Pulkra inhabits spaces with coherence and character. Essential lines, innovative materials and significant details.
Through pioneering research in chemistry, Pulkra offers sophisticated, refined, minimalist, never mundane concrete products: the research for the best balance of shapes and proportions for a scenographic effect. Pulkra respects concrete in its honesty, avoiding opulent finishes and enhancing its imperfections. With constant research and an innovative approach to design, Pulkra makes concrete elegant and contemporary.

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Concrete is a familiar material, known and used for centuries, yet more versatile and eclectic than we may realize. Through intensive research, Pulkra has crafted a CFRC composite concrete as strong as it is lightweight: its name is ACRON®. Enriched with polymers and a fine marble sand, ACRON® is exceptionally resistant, flexible, and attractive, allowing for infinite new possibilities. With ACRON®, Pulkra has elevated concrete to its most sincere and beautiful form.

Pulkra was conceived as a mean to connect art, architecture and production, with the final goal to allow designers investigate further in the field of possibilities and give a futuristic face to one the most ancient materials in history, concrete. The know-how in chemistry and in industrial processes led Pulkra to uncompromising standards and remarkable attention to detail. The company is committed to combining innovative aesthetics with a focus on ensuring responsible production processes.

Time Loop


Pulkra’s commitment to responsible production is equally praiseworthy. In a world where sustainability is a growing concern, Pulkra’s dedication to minimizing waste and energy consumption sets an example for others in the industry. These intentions take greater form, with the Timeloop program, it demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to product lifecycle management, making them a pioneer in promoting circular economies in design. The Timeloop program addresses a fundamental issue faced by the design industry: the end of life for products and materials. Typically, discarded materials contribute to waste and environmental concerns. Pulkra has addressed this challenge by implementing a program that redefines the lifecycle of its products. When a product by Pulkra reaches the end of its useful life, the Timeloop program swings into action. The company actively takes back these products, ensuring that they do not become waste. Instead, Pulkra initiates a recycling process that allows ACRON® concrete to be reused, thereby closing the loop on their lifecycle.


An intriguing aspect of Pulkra’s production approach is their use of molds to cast ACRON® concrete. The molds have a limited lifetime by design. This decision is driven by a dual purpose: to keep ongoing research and development alive and to embrace the philosophy of continuous change. Each mold is meticulously designed and engineered by Pulkra to last for a predetermined cycle of casts. Once the cycle is completed, the molds are intentionally discarded and remade. This practice might seem counterintuitive from a traditional production standpoint, where molds are often expected to last indefinitely. However, Pulkra’s approach is innovative. It allows for ongoing experimentation and refinement. The limited mold lifetime encourages Pulkra to continually iterate on their designs, seeking to improve and optimize their products. This philosophy of continuous change aligns with their commitment to pushing the boundaries of concrete’s possibilities. It ensures that they are constantly evolving and adapting to new insights and technologies.