Concrete Harvest
Concrete Harvest

• How was it working together on this project?
Francesco – Working together in this project was a kind of natural process. We know each other from many years and we always shared the passion and love for the same music and for unconditional approach to create it. We complete each other musically due to the different but still similar background. Wade is one of the most respected post industrial artist and a crazy live beast on stage with his band Kollaps, I came from a more electronic background from techno to experimental music and the sparks that we creates when we work together produce that weird combination.

• What defined your approach to compose the piece?
Wade – In our approach to creating the sounds used in the recording we were very conscious of the need to create a feeling of desolation and vastness and in order to do so we strove towards physically replicating that during the ‘instruments’; so avoided close mic’ing a lot of the raw materials. There was likewise quite a similar approach in recording the low end ruling, both Francesco and I tried to approach the recording with as much respect to sparseness as possible. Violating one’s own minimalistic approach is a little more difficult than one would think.

• Tell us how these sounds were created
Wade – Francesco’s approach was different to my own as we delineated the roles between us quite strictly to maximise the potential of our roles; his role was in synthesis and mine in percussion and in making use of raw materials; metals and such. My portion of the recording was made in Lugano where I had collected various rusted bits of discarded societal garbage and banged away at them with various ‘exciters’; hammers, bricks, and such, this was recorded in the basement of a sculpture museum that had an excellent natural reverberation and so I was able to make use of this. Francesco’s approach was creating the mood with various old analog synthesisers; some of a boutique nature and others quite the opposite. Eventually we’d meet in San Vito Al Tagliamento and had somewhat of a crossover of roles and a collaborative mixing session.

• Analog and Synthetic, how do you define a balance?
Francesco – Well finding the balance is not difficult as it may seems, if it sounds good to our ears than it’s ok. That said, for our background we tend to use more analog instruments, especially for the rhythmic parts while we use synths, samples and fields recording to create textures and atmospheres and then we process all on Ableton. So yes we don’t look to a perfect balance, we care for the music to be good no matter what we use to create it.

Concrete Harvest
Intervista a Wade Black e Francesco Presotto